Saturday, September 9, 2023

Top 5 Spooktacular Halloween Costumes for 2023: Unleash Your Inner Monster!


A vibrant orange pumpkin waiting to be picked and carved for Halloween.
A plump orange pumpkin in an Irvine pumpkin patch. Click image to license. © Evan's Studio, 2021

It is about that time of the year again! Halloween is in less than two months, and it's time to prepare using this Halloween costume guide for 2023! Whether you're planning a spine-tickling haunted house party or going trick-or-treating with your little devils, the perfect costume is paramount. This blog post lists the top 5 Halloween costumes for 2023!

The Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2023

  1. Barbie and Ken from the Barbie movie: 

    The Barbie movie was a big box office hit this summer and there are many ways you can customize these costumes to make them unique. Embrace your inner Barbie and Ken with ready made costumes or make your own!

  2. Wednesday Addams: 

    What better way to celebrate Halloween than with an Addams family costume! Wednesday is the Netflix series that focuses on the gothic life of Wednesday Addams starring Jenna Ortega. You can find some inspiration for this costume here.

  3. Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad: 

    Join the ranks of supervillains this Halloween as Harley Quinn! The Suicide Squad is the DC Comics movie featuring Harley Quinn, a former psychiatrist turned evil. There are many different colorful outfits available for this idea.

  4. Paw Patrol Costumes: 

    Paw Patrol is a TV series featuring a group of superhero dogs who work together to protect the community. There are many different dogs that you can dress up as including: Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Coral, Everest, Tracker, Tuck, Ella, and Rex!

  5. Squid Game Costumes: 

    Squid Game is the popular Netflix shows where contestants are invited to participate in dangerous games with deadly consequences. The contestants wear track suits with numbers while the staff wear jumpsuits and masks. Check out this Seventeen article for Squid Game costume inspiration!

    A vibrant green pumpkin waiting to be picked and carved for Halloween.
    A green pumpkin, or gumpkin, in an Irvine pumpkin patch. © Evan's Studio, 2021

License some Spooktacular Evan's Studio Halloween stock images before it is too late!

That is it – the top 5 Halloween costume ideas for 2023! What are you going to dress up as this year? Leave a comment below!

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