Saturday, June 4, 2022

Kill Mondays: White T-Shirt For Sale

Kill the worst day of the week with this unique design created by Evan's Studio!

The Kill Mondays design was inspired by Evan's deep dislike of Mondays and the desire to express this feeling. Over time the meaning expanded into a motivational message similar to "Carpe Diem" for Mondays.

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

When Is Father's Day Weekend 2022?

Male ducks sunbathing for Father's Day in Irvine, CA.  © Evan's Studio

When Is Father's Day Weekend 2022?

Father's Day weekend is on Sunday, June 19th, 2022. Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States.

How Did Father's Day Start? says that Father's Day started after a West Virginia church sponsored a Sunday sermon - the first national event "explicitly in honor of fathers..." The one time event honored the men lost in the 1907 Monongah mining disaster.

The year after, Sonora Smart Dodd successfully campaigned to make Father's Day a statewide holiday in Washington on June 19, 1910. 

 When Did Father's Day Become A National Holiday?

Father's Day became a national holiday in the United States in 1972.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: